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1:26 am
August 25, 2007



How safe is Gulmarg, or rather Kashmir, especially for travelers from west?

2:39 pm
November 18, 2007



Hi there,
there was a recent article on a local paper about the place and nothing was mentioned about being and unsafe place for Westerners. It does sounds a pretty amazing place.


2:22 am
November 27, 2007



Kashmir may look like a garrison – there is presence on Indian forces everywhere. The reality is that I felt more secure that so much security arrangements were there. If you ask locals – the militants (whatever that do remain) – really target the Indian security folks; so the trick is staying close to army, but not that close. All said and done, there are fewer casualities in Kashmir than in an other average Indian state. So security really is a non issue.
There is a widespread belief that many incidents that happen, happen due to one political faction trying to secure a point over another, and stuff like that. As a tourist, feel free to visit Kashmir – Srinagar, Pahalgam or Gulmarg. Just exercise common sense judgement – that is true for any traveller, anywhere…

3:40 pm
December 28, 2007



India overall is ok according to US Deparatment of State travel advisory for international travel. Only reason you may find Kashmir unsafe is because of presense of so many military.

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