Shiva temple in Gulmarg

The Shiva temple was actually the royal temple of Dogra kings of
Jammu and Kashmir.   Also known as “Rani Temple” or “Maharani Temple”, this is situated on a small hillock in the centre of Gulmarg. The unique thing about this royal temple is the fact that it can be seen from all the corners of Gulmarg. The Maharani temple also known as Mohineshwar Shivalalaya was built by Mohini Bai Sisodhia, the wife of the erstwhile ruler of Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh (the last king of
Kashmir) in 1915. Mohini Bai Sisodhia was the daughter of Maharaja Mohandev of Dharampur. When the last Dogra king was spending his time in Gulmarg in his royal palace, a couple of kilometers from the temple, his queen used to come here to worship Lord Shiva. Infact, she stayed here for months and worshiped Lord Shiva in this temple.

The temple remains open everyday from 6am to 9pm. Aarti is performed twice a day for devotees.

The Dagger Division, headquartered at Baramulla renovated the temple in 1998. Now this is being managed by the Jammu and Kashmir Dharmarth Trust headed by Dr Karan Singh, son of Maharaja Hari Singh.

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3 Responses to “Shiva temple in Gulmarg”

  1. The foot print left by this temple pricks the mind of every believer. Let it stand with pride in the years to come.

  2. Anirban Chakraborty Says:

    This is a wonderful place to visit. Gulmarg and the lord SHIVA’S temple there, is a heaven. I am fortunate enough to have a view of this religious as well as beautiful Kashmiri place

  3. We visited Gulmarg recently place is wonderful, Unfortunately this Temple is locked, No one to take care of temple