Cable Car Gondola Rates and Tariff – Gulmarg 2009

All rates are as of Dec 2009

(Gulmarg to Kongdori)
(Kongdori to Apherwat)
Adults Rs. 300.00 Rs. 500.00
Children below 10 years Rs. 150.00 Rs. 250.00
Students on Picnic with Schools Rs. 150.00 Rs. 500.00
Army Personnel Rs. 150.00 Rs. 250.00
Skiers SECTION – I
(Gulmarg to Kongdori)
(Kongdori to Apherwat)
Single Trip Rs. 150.00 Rs. 250.00
Day Pass: # Foreign Skiers Rs. 700.00 Rs. 1250.00
Day Pass: # Domestic Skiers Rs. 450.00 Rs. 800.00
Weekly Pass: # Foreign Skiers Rs. 4500.00 Rs. 6000.00
Weekly Pass: # Domestic Skiers Rs. 2000.00 Rs. 4000.00
Combined Pass for both Phases (Only for Foreigners)
# Day Pass Rs 1800.00
# Weekly Pass Rs. 9000.00

NOTE : – Tickets for 2nd Phase is sold upto 3 PM only during winter months. Ensure to purchase the ticket for 2nd phase before 3 PM.

Tickets for GCC are also available at Srinagar International Airport (SIA) and Tourist Reception Centre (TRC)

This information is from J and K State Cable Car Corporation at

Contact Information is (’91’ is the India Country Code) Ph: 91-194-2435837, 91-194-2436405, 91-194-2441742

Email :

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17 Responses to “Cable Car Gondola Rates and Tariff – Gulmarg 2009”

  1. SUNIL DOKE Says:

    15 person reservation on date 01/05/2012
    11 person adult
    04 person below 10

  2. What time the car ride starts in the morning?

  3. salim khan Says:

    i am goes to gulmurg and enjoy the snow, i want to say every person want to go gulmurg in summer atleast once in year. there’s true paradise on the earth.

  4. jeffrey russell Says:

    please let me know the rates of the cable car in november 2012

  5. I have visited gondola vista is joy full but there is so many touts who are making money and making fool to the tourists

  6. I have visited gondola it is paradise on the earth but facilities like entering arrangement and boarding tickets facilities are very poor either by cash or through e-ticketing

  7. It is paradise on the earth but there is poor facilities while entering either via e-ticket or cash purchasing.there is no line for female

  8. jeffrey russell Says:

    is it possible to book 4 tickets for the ride on the cable car for the 23rd of november

  9. Chander Kant Says:

    I have book my ticket from J & K srinagar office by my debit card,but when we reach for 2nd phase,they told us its not working they will refund this money with in 14 days,but now this is over than 5 months, i have not get single paisa from their side, so its very risky to book your ticket through debit card.

  10. i m adil from heriwatnoo tangmarg i want to say everybody to come in gulmarg becaz u ewill never find a beautiful place as this

  11. hi,

    kindly let me know how much the tickets cost for cable car and skiers. also how to book and other stiff,

    reply would be appreciated.

  12. Lungase Anil Says:


    kindly let me know how much the tickets cost for cable car and skiers. also how to book and other stiff,

  13. Lungase Anil Says:

    Plz provide me more information about gondola ride

  14. Dheeraj kumar Says:

    Sir can we book ticket online if yes plz mail the website

  15. Bob johnston Says:

    Hello, what is the cost fora daily and weekly price for the gondola? Thanks

  16. Bob johnston Says:

    Price of gondola daily and weekly please.

  17. the price for gondola ride is for up and down or for one side only and what is the current rate of gondola ride… and one more thing… after booking from trc…we got direct entry or we have to wait….